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SciencePG provides access to scholarly, peer-reviewed open access conference abstract books and helps users to publish their own conference abstract books.

SciencePG is dedicated to publishing conference abstract books of the utmost quality across all disciplines.

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Free Publication of Conference Abstract Books

Our goal is to support the academic community by making research accessible and fostering collaboration. In this case, we will publish your conference abstract books free of charge.

Conference abstract books can be published for free (containing up to 200 abstracts) until 30 September 2024. If the number of abstracts is more than 200, it will be calculated at the rate of $5 per abstract.

Conference organizers are invited to publish abstracts of the conference as a book with the following features:

All abstracts are included in the abstract book with ISBN.

Unrestricted and free access to use.

Conference organizers retain full editorial control.

Abstracts are not considered preprints, allowing authors to freely publish full papers in any academic journal.

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Guidelines for Publishing Conference Abstract Books

Before you submit your proposal, it is essential to know the following information:


Overall purpose and intended audience of the book

This will ensure reach and dissemination of your abstract book.


The time you plan to finish your abstract book (For edited books, we would also like to know the approximate page length of chapters.)

A specific timeframe helps assess the timeliness of publication.


Estimated completion date for the first draft

A clear deadline for the final completion will allow us to track your publishing progress promptly.